Saturday, December 8, 2012

Invasion of Alice and the Jabberwocky

We have 6 kids. Three of them live here on the farm with us. Only now it’s 4 kids, plus one. Last month, right before Thanksgiving, Da Man and I drove out to California to rescue our daughter “Alice” and bring her back to the farm. But, where Alice goes, so goes her fiance, “Jabberwocky”.

A little history here: I’ve known the Jabberwocky for longer than Alice has been alive. He is my baby cousin’s best friend, and has been since elementary school. My first memories of him are of him bouncing off my aunts kitchen walls talking non-stop, or rather, asking questions non-stop. He was one of the most curious kids I’ve ever met in my life. I imagine he must have found a few answers to life though, since now he’s actually rather quiet.

Or maybe he just used up all of his words before the age of 16 and doesn’t have any left.

Now, Alice is called Alice because she is also a very curious individual. One who is more than happy to volunteer to be the first down the rabbit hole in any given situation. If something needs to be tested in real life she’s usually the one with her hand in the air, or just already in motion to go do it. She also has an incredibly vivid sense of the absurd.

Alice and the Jabberwocky won’t be living here forever. They only plan to live here for about a year and half, just until the wedding. Then it’s off to northern California with them.

In the meantime Alice is the acting assistant manager of the farm in order to get hands-on training on farming and gardening, so she can start her own farm someday. She doesn’t want ours... it’s in the desert. Can’t really blame her. Jabberwocky is busy building his IT business online, which keeps him in the depths of his deep dark cave most of the time. He comes out for food once in a while, or to tutor Grossmond on astronomy (a bonding point between them).

So, there it is. You now know who Alice and the Jabberwocky are when they come up in posts.