Monday, September 10, 2012

The Names of Things

When talking to some friends recently it came up in the conversation that we have "fancy names" for each part of the property. Some parts, like the Lower Savanna, are large and can be measured in percentages of an acre. One, the Back 40, is measured in multiples of acres. Others are smaller, like the Whimsy Garden, which can be measured in square feet. But it occurred to me that I've never actually listed down the names in the ledger or on the property maps. I am correct this oversight this week.

Since we changed the names of a few this past year I thought I would go ahead and list them here, including what they used to be (for those in know).

  • The Lower Savanna (formerly the Front Yard)
  • The Upper Savanna (formerly part of the Front Yard and part of Green Acres)
  • The Chino Valley Yacht Club 
  • The Orchard (now smaller than it was)
  • The Whimsy Garden (formerly the Climbing Tree Garden)
  • The Arizona Garden (formerly The Wind Break)
  • The Runway (separates the Orchard from the Arizona Garden)
  • The South Field (formerly Mom's Garden)
  • Stone Yard and Wood Yard (formerly the Asparagus Patch)
  • The Party Pit (formerly "That place were we stack wood for the woodstove; where the old barbecue is."
  • The Oasis (smaller than it was)
  • Fantasia (formerly the eastern part of the Oasis)
  • McGuiverland (formerly the Junk Yard)
  • Cane Forrest
  • Lake Swampy (dry now... we just don't have a new name for it yet)
  • Pet Cemetery
  • The Old Chicken Coop (soon to become Snoopyville)
  • The Back 40

We'll be putting up signposts this Spring, and I'll share pictures of those when that happens. We've also changed the name of the property itself to Wolf Gardens... previously no actual name on file with the farms and ranches registry.